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Women's Yoga Circle

with Sivani Mata Francis

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Friday 22 November 2024
19:00 – 21:00

at Lychpit Community Hall,
Great Binfields Road, Lychpit,
Basingstoke, RG24 8TF

Investment: Full Price £30, Concession Price £25

Photo thanks to Murray Ballard
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Circles of women awakening
Circles of women unshackling…
Circles of women resurrecting

Circles of women stepping back into their skin
Circles of women feeling in
Circles of women breathing
Circles of women coming home to the body they live in
Circles of women stepping back into their skin
(Carly Mountain)

All women are invited to come and shared together in this circle,
to connect and embrace Shakti, our innate feminine power.

We welcome you to this nurturing space for women at all stages of life, to connect with yourself and also to sit in a circle of support with other women. In these circles will will explore gentle, delicious, flowing yoga movement and gestures (Mudra), in a way that honours our ever-changing moods, cycles and rhythms. Bringing to the mat who we are today, right now, and moving, exploring from a place of awareness of that knowledge of what is present for us today. During our time together there will be the opportunity for deep rest with the practice of Total Yoga Nidra (a nourishing lying down meditation that is the fertile soil for the flowers of our inner wisdom to blossom); as well as time to share together a little of ourselves in our circle.

Maha Shakti ki JAI! – All Power to the Great Deep Feminine Energy!

Please bring your own yoga mat/cushion/sheepskin/blanket/bolster to make your own nest, so you are comfortable and warm during our time together. Please respect other people’s space, and do not come if you are feeling unwell.

yoni shakti yoga nidra

Photo thanks to Murray Ballard

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