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Photo thanks to Leticia Valverdes

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A Deep Journey Into the Heart with the Sacred Medicine of Cacao

Cacao is an ancient and sacred medicine of the heart. Used in ceremony She invites us to journey deep into our hearts, welcome in clarity, let go of negative emotions and align with truth.

Cacao (chocolate in it's pure form) is a plant medicine from Central and South America. The cacao we drink in our ceremonies is raw, organic, non-GMO, ceremonial grade cacao, either from the Asháninka tribes of the Peruvian Amazon or the Tsatsayaku people in the Ecuardorian Amazon. This cacao has been lovingly grown and fairly traded every step of the way. Cacao contains the active ingredient Theobromine which translates as "food of the gods" and was used by native peoples in communion with the divine. Cacao also has numerous health benefits and contains antioxidants, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc, as well as Anandamide ("the bliss molecule") which the body produces when in love and gives the sensation of a natural high.

In our circle together we will set intentions and drink the cacao, after which the invitation is to lie down and journey into a liminal space where we can be open to the guidance of the heart.

Sivani Mata has been on a personal journey with cacao as a medicine since 2013, when she first attended a ceremony with Rebekah Shaman. Having had incredible profound and helpful experience through the ceremonies, Sivani continued anchor working with cacao in her sadhana, attending more ceremonies with Rebekah and others over the years. In April 2018 Sivani Mata attended the Sacred Cacaoista Apprenticeship on the healing island of Ibiza with Rebekah and has been sharing journeys with the medicine since then.

"A cacao ceremony is a timeless space to integrate and process what is happening in your life using cacao as a sacred medicine" – Rebekah Shaman

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Photo thanks to Leticia Valverdes

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